Conference “Challenges and Opportunities facing light pollution : Interreg Smart Light Hub Project” – Terra Envision Barcelona September 2019

In September 2019, the University of Trier participated in Terra Envision – Barcelona and presented the Smart Light Hub project at a conference dedicated to light pollution.

City Campus Illuminale – Trier 27.09.19

The University of Trier held a light pollution awareness stand as part of the City Campus Illuminale event taking place in Trier on the 27th September 2019.

Walloon round table – University of Liège 28.11.2019

Energy considerations and protection of biodiversity at the heart of discussions between project partners and operators / professionals in the artificial lighting sector.

In collaboration with TNT and Natagora, this round table took place at the University of Liège.

Meeting of the 1st Steering Committee – Hosingen | Our Natural Park 01.30.20

Visit of the “Night vs Light” Exhibition of the Night, Light & More Festival at the Lycée Edward Steichen in Clervaux (LUX)

Meeting between the various operator partners : TNT / Trier Universität / Natagora / University of Liège and the methodology partner: the Our Natural Park.

The meeting then continued with a visit to the “Night vs Light” Exhibition organized as part of the Night, Light & More Festival at the Lycée Edward Steichen in Clervaux, available until the 14th February.

Partners of the Smart Light Hub project

Round table – Saulnes 19.02.20

TNT organized a Round Table at Saulnes Town Hall on the 19th February 2020,  with municipal and local authorities, field players and electricity network professionals.

The objectives were to collect and exchange information to identify practices, uses and knowledge in terms of lighting on the French side of TNT.

Natagora field study – Tellin 16.06.20

First step : Ry’Hôwisse nature reserve in Tellin (Wallonia)

The first stage of this field study will focus on open environments (meadows, groves) and will take place in Wallonia.

Its aim is to assess the effect of so-called “impacting” LED lamps (4,000 Kelvin) and other less impacting lamps (2,200 Kelvin) on biodiversity.

Light pollution awareness walk and its impact on the environment – Differdange 08.10.20

TNT and the City of Differdange organized an awareness walk on light pollution and its impact on the environment on Thursday 8th October 2020.

The objective of this walk is to raise awareness among participants about light pollution and its impact on the environment. Its route will allow participants to discover the concept of light pollution and to travel through different areas where it is visible on the territory of the municipality of Differdange, but also to realize the efforts that have been made to reduce it.

The walk was organized in the Municipality of Differdange (LU), in partnership with the Natural Park of Our (LU), a methodological partner of the project who provided their expertise throughout the course.