Smart Light-Lab

As part of the awareness-raising process, the University of Liège (ULiège) will provide an area made from repurposed shipping containers and dedicated to the problem of light pollution: Smart Light Lab. Overview of an unusual, mobile modular space

Inspired by the structure of recycled containers designed by famous French architect, Rudy Ricciotti, the Smart Light Lab serves a dual purpose: to provide a workspace where hybridisation and co-creation workshops can be held as well as a forum for improving awareness. Ultimately, this is an area for hosting think-tanks and meetings, where knowledge and know-how can be shared, exhibitions held and conferences organised, thus promoting synergies between various players.

Smart Light Lab of the Smart Light HUB project

Once the Smart Light Lab is set up and in service, it can start to disseminate information and spread the word of the mobile technology transfer unit across the Greater Region. It will pass through the cities of Metz (France), Differdange (Luxembourg) and Trêves (Germany) before stopping in Herstal (Belgium).

Designed to reach the project’s target audiences including professionals, companies and public sector clients, the Smart Light Lab is last, but not least, a concept unique to the Greater Region, a genuine tool which operators can use in order to reach a wider audience.