Hybridisation and Co-creation workshops

Following the results of the Natagora field study, the University of Liège will steer the collective experimentation stage by organising hybridisation and co-creation workshops. These workshops will generate creative and innovative solutions in response to a given topical challenge. The workshops represent a real opportunity for the Smart Light Hub project !

The University of Liège, which is heading up operations for the awareness-raising and collective intelligence phases, will be organising hybridisation and co-creation workshops from 2020 onwards. These are called “hybridisation” workshops because they allow for interaction between a range of audiences and end-users (students, scientists and creative professionals, as well as public services and industry players, etc.). They are also “co-creation” workshops because their aim is to guide the numerous stakeholders towards finding common solutions to problems of varying complexity.

Within the remit of the Smart Light Hub project, these workshops will serve as “art-science-entrepreneurship” meetings designed to come up with innovative and inspiring lighting devices based on the recommendations from the Natagora impact and effects study.

Inspired by Design Thinking, the Creative Problem-Solving Process and Lean Start-up, hybridisation and co-creation workshops are thus working sessions founded on the belief that the active presence of users constitutes a vital part of the creative process. In this way, users can offer an individual insight into the issues that matter to them. This diversity allows knowledge, expertise and experiences to be shared and consolidated.

The workshop, which can last from several hours to several days, is structured by the presence of a facilitator responsible for establishing a friendly, dynamic and constructive environment. This approach is based on stimulating team creativity to devise a solution that satisfies the real needs of pre-defined users.