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Smart lighting and respect for biodiversity

March 18 @ 11:00 - 12:30 CET


In recent years, many scientists and nature protection associations have sounded the alarm about the impact of artificial light on wildlife.

Modification of the behavior of birds, fragmentation of the hunting territory of bats, disappearance of nocturnal insects … This light pollution, very long underestimated, profoundly modifies the functioning of ecosystems, and its intensity increases every year.

At a time when the use of LEDs is becoming more widespread in public spaces, what can be done to reduce this impact on natural environments ? How to think about a management of the light coherent with the Walloon ecological network and the objectives of fight against the loss of biodiversity ? Solutions exist and inspiring initiatives are emerging in Belgium and elsewhere!

For more than a century, the Schréder company has been developing lighting systems designed to help cities reduce their energy consumption. Cities aren’t just for humans; flora, fauna and the stars in the night sky are also essential elements of the urban experience. Today, technological solutions make it possible to combine well-lit streets and night skies. It is not just a question of complying with new regulations on light pollution, but of going further, to innovate and create sustainable lighting, respectful of the environment and healthy for all.


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